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Zoomd PR - new partnership

Zoomd Signs agreement with Snapchat and receives Snapchat marketing partner certification

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Press Release
DSP blog post cover

3 Reasons to Use a DSP in a Post IDFA Ecosystem

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UA unpluggedUA unplugged
masterclassingMobile App Marketingpodcastuser acquisition

User Acquisition Unplugged- How to Achieve Growth For Your Mobile App?

Tune in to this exclusive podcast in association with Mobile Marketing Magazine in which David Murphy talks to Zoomd Co-founder and CMO,

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Podcast Omri ArgamanPodcast Omri Argaman
Business of appsfirst-time depositFraudOmri Argamanpodcastuser acquisition

The challenges in a successful user acquisition ralem

The sheer number of apps on the market is incredible. Brands can’t just put their apps in the stores and

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