Mobile App User Acquisition

Accelerate Your App's Growth

Reach your app user acquisition KPI’s more efficiently with a single user acquisition platform that unifies thousands of mobile media and data sources.

We created our user acquisition platform because as campaign managers we were tired of wasting time on multiple campaign management dashboards and still feeling overwhelmed.
Get unity and clarity from all your media campaigns, across all channels on one screen.

Automate your marketing life.

Most Efficient and Most Integrated User Acquisition Platform

Attain maximum efficacy in all campaigns, no matter the platform – search, display, social media, or native:
  • One unified dashboard giving you access to all your user acquisition campaigns in one place.
  • Save Money by saving countless resources managing all UA campaigns on one dashboard.
  • Reach 90% of global mobile traffic including hundreds of ad networks, exchanges and DSPs. Yes, all in one unified dashboard.
  • Zoom into your data for deeper clarity from multiple media sources.
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Even More Data Layers and Sources

Mobile UA platform - see the full picture
  • Instantly tap into premium media sources such as Google UAC, TikTok, Snap and other media giants.
  • Access to 3rd party measurement to make even smarter decisions.
    Integrated with all major 3rd parties (Appsflyer, Adjust, and more)
  • Our extensive partner's list includes DSPs, SDKs, Mobile OEM, Ad Networks, and more.
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Focus on the Important

Zoomd UA platform lets you see the whole picture
  • Get a second layer of fraud detection, so you can invest your budget in real people.
  • Patented owned technology- enjoy automated prediction built on our recommendation algorithm to get in front of a more accurate audience.
  • Only pay when you reach your KPIs. Set multiple KPIs, and run campaigns targeted to help you succeed.
  • You do you with flexible business models. Choose between CPM, CPC, CPI, CPO and CPE.
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Choose Your Business Model

Zoomd UA platform Choose Your Business Model
  • Fully managed services- Let our savvy team of media experts and account managers achieve your KPIs.
  • Self-serve performance model- Easy to build, manage, analyze, and optimize each campaign on your own. Reach quality global users at scale.
  • Mobile DSP- Reach new users and re-engage with customers and prospects with Zoomd's fully transparent DSP connected to multiple highly vetted safelisted media sources on a global scale.
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Fully Transparent Mobile web and app DSP

the working couple

Zoomd’s Demand Side Platform (DSP) provides advertisers with access to a unified platform from which they can launch fully transparent real-time bidding campaigns across various reputable and vetted ad exchanges.

Unlock greater value and more control:
  • Work in full transparency- Make fraud a thing of the past with programmatic advertising that ensures brand safety and delivers data-driven performance insights.
  • Access highly vetted safelist - Zoomd’s advanced, independent mobile DSP ensures that your ads are served only on highly vetted exchanges, enabling you to track the results of every impression.
  • Increase your reach- Realize your full growth potential by launching global campaigns that put your ads in front of audiences across the world. Zoomd’s DSP connects to multiple, safe-listed, top mobile ad exchanges that enable us to connect you to every impression being served, anywhere in the world.
  • Gain full control- Run all operations with your own in house media team with a fully self-served DSP platform.
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JD Ghai
JD Ghai
Founder & CEO |
The Zoomd team consists of thorough professionals who are already eager to contribute to our growth. They are available to us 24/7 always willing to help and take off some of our workloads.
Anastasiia Reshetniak
Anastasiia Reshetniak
Mobile Traffic Manager | Autodoc GmbH
Zoomd are high-level professionals. Our partnership never stands still, it is an exciting and dynamic collaboration. The team always finds new solutions for us, which allows us to improve the overall profit.
Pavel Makarov
Pavel Makarov
Affiliate marketing specialist | Dostavista Global
We have collaborated with Zoomd over several GEOs and on every one of them, they've delivered steady flow of quality fraud-free traffic. It's easy working with an affiliate, you don't need to second guess. Also, Zoomd is always there with new initiatives and sources and always ready to share their expertise in digital even if it's currently not related to running campaigns, it's a valuable extra mile.
Ole Ben Evers
Ole Ben Evers
VP Business Development | IDG Tech Media GmbH
We are glad to choose the Zoomd onsite search solution to improve our overall user experience and time on site. With millions of unique visitors visiting our wide portfolio websites, we understand the need to add more value to our users without harming their experience. With Zoomd, we know more about our user’s preferences and intent while creating more relevant content for them. All based on the new data the search provided us with.

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