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Endless growth opportunities on one platform

Reimagine your user acquisition strategy with Zoomd’s innovative Demand Side Platform (DSP).
Imagine a single, unified platform where you can control every aspect of your campaigns, maximize transparency, and reach targeted audiences worldwide.

Zoomd’s DSP makes it a reality.

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Take Command of Your Mobile Advertising Destiny with Zoomd's DSP
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Unleash unprecedented transparency:

  • Say goodbye to ad fraud: Our platform prioritizes brand safety and delivers complete data-driven insights into campaign performance. You'll know exactly where your ads are running and the impact they're making.
  • See everything, control everything: Zoomd's independent DSP grants you access to a carefully curated safelist of reputable ad exchanges.
  • Conversion Confidence: Measure what matters most. We track and analyze campaign performance, providing actionable insights to optimize your retargeting strategy and maximize ROI.

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Reach Every Relevant User, globally:

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