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Endless opportunities for growth, in one platform

Risk-free, value-driven mobile advertising on a global scale that blows your growth goals out of the water.
Zoomd’s Demand Side Platform (DSP) provides advertisers with a centralized interface to launch fully transparent, mobile RTB-based campaigns across multiple, highly vetted, safelisted ad exchanges.

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Unlock greater value for mobile and web

Zoomd’s Demand- Side- Platform (DSP) has been designed for easy use and fast results.

  • 100% fully self-serve platform or managed - your choice!
  • Work in full transparency- Make fraud a thing of the past with programmatic advertising that ensures brand safety and delivers data-driven performance insights.
  • Access highly vetted safelist - Zoomd’s advanced, independent mobile DSP ensures that your ads are served only on highly vetted exchanges, enabling you to track the results of every impression.
  • Global reach- Zoomd’s DSP connects to multiple top mobile ad exchanges that enable us to connect you to every impression being served, anywhere in the world.

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Gain full control

  • Gain full control- Run all operations with your own in house media team with a fully self-served DSP platform.
  • Easy 3rd party tracking integration- Integrate your own MMP with your own existing direct advertisers credentials.
  • Bring your own data- Build a streamlined data pipeline by integrating your CRM and tracking platforms directly into Zoomd’s DSP, to build custom audiences modeled on your existing user data.
  • Evaluate your reach- Realize your full growth potential by launching global campaigns, see live approximate reach as you set up your campaigns.

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Deliverables you can measure

  • Put your creativity to the test- In just a few minutes, you can set up an A/B test to check and calculate the best-performing creatives.
  • Achieve optimal results - Launch highly effective optimized CPI/CPA campaigns anywhere in the world, focusing on specific KPIs and targeting audiences that are similar to your most engaged users.
  • Benefit from an action-driven model- achieve more with data-driven algorithm campaigns that ensure maximum ROAS with no hidden fees or surprise endings!

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