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Endless growth opportunities, in one platform

Leverage the power of machine learning to target your ideal customers with precision and efficiency.

Zoomd DSP is built to deliver performance while providing full transparency and control for mobile marketers in real time.

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Unlock greater value for mobile and web

Zoomd’s Demand- Side- Platform (DSP) has been designed for easy use and fast results.

  • 100% fully self-serve platform or managed - your choice!
  • Work in full transparency- Make fraud a thing of the past with programmatic advertising that ensures brand safety and delivers data-driven performance insights.
  • Access highly vetted safelist - Zoomd’s advanced, independent mobile web and app DSP ensures that your ads are served only on highly vetted mobile focused exchanges, enabling you to track the results of every impression.
  • Global reach- Zoomd’s DSP connects to top mobile ad exchanges and publishers that enable us to connect you to every impression being served, anywhere in the world.

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Gain full control

  • Gain full control- Run all operations with your own in house media team with a fully self-served DSP platform.
  • Easy 3rd party tracking integration- Integrate your own MMP with your own existing direct advertisers credentials.
  • Bring your own data- Build a streamlined data pipeline by integrating your CRM and tracking platforms directly into Zoomd’s DSP, to build custom audiences modeled on your existing user data.
  • Evaluate your reach- Realize your full growth potential by launching global campaigns, see live approximate reach as you set up your campaigns.

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Deliverables you can measure

  • Put your creativity to the test- In just a few minutes, you can set up an A/B test to check and calculate the best-performing creatives.
  • Achieve optimal results - Launch highly effective optimized CPI/CPA campaigns anywhere in the world, focusing on specific KPIs and targeting audiences that are similar to your most engaged users.
  • Benefit from an action-driven model- achieve more with data-driven algorithm campaigns that ensure maximum ROAS with no hidden fees or surprise endings!

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