Creators Generated Content

Stop marketing, start influencing

Take the pain out of high consuming video production with our agile creative team and tap into a new and more effective way of acquiring the kind of users you want, and need for your mobile app.

Stand out in the crowd with your very own, authentic custom content courtesy of our end-to-end, creators’ community fully managed service.

Take the lead with our revolutionary Creator Generated Content (CGC) ads that deliver more high-quality, high LTV users without breaking your budget.


Speak their Lingo with Creator Generated Content (CGC)

There’s nothing more effective than authentic reviews from real people to get the word about your app. We repurpose creator content into high-impact creative materials that you can leverage for a variety of UA channels.
  • Be original. CGC delivers authentic, native and captivating video ads of real people getting enthused about your apps and games.
  • Get results. Highly engaging CGC video ads deliver superior ROAS across any UA channel by bringing you premium quality users with high LTV.
  • Keep it fresh. Ensure that your creatives are constantly refreshed and up to date to avoid CPM jumps and maintain consistent marketing results with low costs.
  • Access new media channels. Boost CTRs and conversion across Facebook, Google, Tik-Tok, Snapchat, Twitter and more.
  • Meet your budgetary needs. Set up custom campaigns according to your available budget Choose one, two or even three creators with a flexible pricing structure that allows you to save more when you produce more.
  • Talk the talk. Being part of a global company means that we offer localization for every region and its specific languages. We offer creator sourcing options based on their country and languages.


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Put Your Influencer Marketing on Cruise Control

Free up time to focus on what you do best and leave Influencer Marketing to Zoomd! Our fully managed, end-to-end Influencer marketing service makes it easy to implement Influencer campaigns by managing every step of the process for you.
  • Influencer Management from A to Z. Zoomd handles all aspects of your Influencer campaigns, from creator sourcing and media planning to campaign management, tracking, media optimization and more.
  • Advanced Data & Technology. Drill down into in-depth reports regarding the number of impressions, reach and engagement for each post, story and video in your campaigns.
  • Creative Strategy Experts. Years of industry experience marketing apps in the highly competitive mobile space enable us to create eye-catching creatives that bring more -- and better -- users. From storytelling and content strategy to creative concept editing and production execution, we’ve got you covered!
  • Put it to the UA test Yes, influence marketing campaigns will also win your user acquisition campaign. Let's set your KPI's and achieve them with original and fun creatives.

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