Zoomd: A Top User Acquisition Company in 2023


There has been a lot going on at Zoomd in the last few months. During a time of market downturn, everything from changes in management to changes in product offerings have taken place. Zoomd has continued to innovate and expand its reach in spite of the challenges that it has faced. The company has done this by focusing on product offerings that are more efficient and have the highest value we can offer.

Zoomd: A Top User Acquisition Company in 2023

Throughout these changes, we have received a vote of confidence in our path moving forward. Business of Apps has recognized Zoomd as one of the Top User Acquisition Companies 2023 and one of the Top DSPs (Demand Side Platforms) 2023. These badges are a symbol of excellence and recognition in the user acquisition industry. They are given to companies that demonstrate outstanding performance, innovation, and customer satisfaction in their respective fields.

Zoomd user acquisition offerings include performance-based campaigns, suited to generating high ROI for all apps across different verticals. Understanding the complexity of app promotion, and getting the right users for different apps is what our team is passionate about. Winning through performance and delivering better results than what we’re committed to. Furthermore, Zoomd is committed to providing excellent customer service and support. As mentioned, part of the offering is the DSP that we provide to all clients, agencies and partners looking to automate their campaign optimization and results. Our DSP machine learning models automate everything including bidding, budgeting, targeting, and creatives, so app owners can focus on what matters most: growing their business. For example, our DSP has the ability to automatically adjust bids based on the user or device, as well as offer automatic A/B testing to optimize campaigns for the best performance.

It is not the first time Zoomd has received similar recognition, from other industry benchmark leaders and also from BOA. But this year, when many things change in the industry, AI is becoming a hype to be recognized with, even in the App advertising ecosystem. It gets more meaning and confidence in the company, and in our path moving forward. We are proud to be part of the App advertising ecosystem and have been recognized for our UA technology. We are confident that our UA technology will continue to be a driving force in the industry. This will help us create innovative solutions for our customers and partners.

With our user acquisition offerings as a whole, including our DSP, app developers can easily manage, optimize, and scale their UA campaigns across multiple channels and performance networks. Overall, our capabilities help reduce complexity and increase efficiency for app owners, while providing a comprehensive view of performance across all channels. Additionally, app developers can quickly identify high-value sources and make real-time changes to their campaigns, improving app install efforts or re-engagement campaigns with existing users.

It goes without saying that we’re honored to receive these badges of excellence from Business of Apps. These badges validate our vision and efforts to provide the finest UA solutions for our clients. These badges reflect our commitment to providing our clients with the most effective solutions for growing their app businesses and achieving their KPIs.
We thank Business of App for this recognition and we look forward to continuing to deliver value and results to our clients and partners. This is a great achievement for Zoomd and we are proud to share it with you, our loyal customers and partners. Thank you for your continued support and trust in us. We couldn’t have done it without you!

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