Website owners – Do you know site search can increase your revenues?


Site search is often confused with Google’s search engine, which sometimes makes website owners confused and uncertain why they need to invest in such a tool for their website.

Do not be mistaken, a search for within the website provide your website audience the ability to find and consume the content that they’re looking for, thus stay longer and see more pages across the site.

when a prospective reader is searching within a website, their intent is different than when they conduct an external Google search because they are devoting time on your site. They offer you clues into what specific content, product or service they are interested in.

Whether you’re a content publisher, an e-commerce site, or whether you simply have a large website, you need to what it is, how to use it, and why it matters.

Omri Argaman, Zoomd Co-Founder and CMO, explains why many publishers fail to see the importance of search.

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