The 2020 Holiday Shopping Season Will Set Long-Term Precedents


During the last few years, retailers have invested significantly to improve the customer experience and cater to the growing e-commerce demand. We all see the significant uptick in digital marketing spend because it’s where consumers are. If you’re trying to be in front of your customers, the screen is the place to be. Customers are online, and businesses should be, too, by investing in digital marketing.
That’s even more precise when living at our current age of global pandemic, making people more cautious about leaving their homes, spending less time in public places. With the brick and walls shops becoming instincts, retail businesses of all kinds and sizes are moving rapidly to the online, making changes in logistics to meet demand and stay in the game.
A number of considerations related to the pandemic will shape the bottom line of retail businesses and change how they operate moving forward, long beyond the 2020 year-end holiday shopping season.

Here’s our new analysis for the upcoming E-commerce season we’re all waiting for.

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