Zoomd Drives Stellar Results for Finance Utility App: A Case Study


In this success story, we share how we have been successfully delivering desired KPI’s for 3 years straight. With the client’s trust and a set of clear and hard KPI’s, we managed pure performance-oriented campaigns on various media channels for a leading European group. This app owner is a European-based group providing multiple services such as gas, electricity and financial services to thousands of households across Europe.

Together with the brand, we establish sevral objectives along the way, with the main one to continuously increase the app user-based, drive for first-time registrations while maintaining a steady stream of purchases via the app, both from new and long-time app users.

The Zoomd team has been the trusted partner behind a leading European finance utility app for the past 3 years, consistently exceeding their desired key performance indicators on an ongoing basis. This blog post dives into the strategies and results that fueled this successful partnership.

Challenge: Drive continuous app user growth, increasing first-time registrations, and creating sustainable in-app purchases among both new and existing users.


  • Performance-oriented campaigns: Leveraging Zoomd’s DSP platform, we optimized bids, placements, and targeting for real-time performance, maximizing ROI.

  • Localized campaigns: A dedicated campaign for a specific EU country secured a steady stream of new users through local media outlets and micro-publishers.

  • Engaging creatives: Compelling ad formats captured user attention and drove action.

  • Advanced data analytics: Continuous analysis provided valuable insights for data-driven decisions and campaign optimization.

  • User acquisition & retention strategies: A focus on both attracting new users and engaging existing ones fueled app growth.

  • Comprehensive reporting & analytics: Equipped the client with clear data to track progress and make informed business decisions.


  • Micro campaign (2023):

    • 7.60% CTR

    • 350% higher registration volume than other partners

    • 245K new users for iOS and Android apps

  • Q4 2023 Campaign:

    • 35,253% ROAS

    • 25% year-over-year user retention

    • 40% increase in user value (14% above benchmark)

  • Continuous user growth: The app user base consistently grew throughout the campaign.

Key Takeaways:

  • Performance-oriented campaigns with real-time optimization are crucial for maximizing ROI. Continuous campaign data analysis provided valuable insights that contributed to the success of the campaign. By analyzing the data, we were able to make data-driven decisions and optimize the campaign for better performance and results. This continuous analysis helped them understand user behavior, identify trends, and make necessary adjustments to improve the effectiveness of their strategies.

  • Localized campaigns can effectively reach specific target audiences.

  • Engaging creatives and data-driven decisions are essential for campaign success.

  • A focus on both user acquisition and retention is key for sustainable app growth.

  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics empower clients to make informed decisions.

By combining these strategies, our media team delivered exceptional results for this finance utility app, demonstrating the effectiveness of our broad advertising solutions. We are proud of this successful partnership and look forward to continuing to drive growth for our clients in the future.

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