Will Apple cause a major setback to ad targeting?


In a recent company announcement, Apple announced the latest changes for the app store on its iOS 14 release in September, crushing the identifier for advertisers (IDFA) and leaving marketers wondering if data-driven audience-building and targeting can continue on its current path.

The age of personal data privacy is in full swing and for obvious reasons. The Cambridge Analytica scandal and its far-reaching implications alerted the masses to the dark side of data driven advertising that can be executed through major tech and social media giants. Amid the public backlash, companies have been taken to task on their lack of social responsibility and accountability to users. With its upcoming app store changes on the iOS 14, Apple answered the call.

While the media and advertising industry await to see the full impact, we at Zoomd are preparing for various scenarios possible.

read on LinkedIn the full article by David Itzkowitz, Zoomd head of performance.


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