The Force is Female: Why Women Excel the Mobile Ad World


The mobile advertising landscape thrives strongly on the power of women. Here at Zoomd, we recognize them as a driving force in the mobile app ecosystem, and for a good reason. Women exhibit higher levels of engagement and retention for various types of apps, possess considerable purchasing power, influence household spending decisions, and have diverse interests spanning various verticals. Let’s explore the data and see why they’re essential for any mobile marketing strategy. 


Gaming Gurus  

Gone are the days of mobile gaming being a boys’ club. A whopping 43% of all mobile gamers are women, actively shaping the industry. They’re not just casual players either; women are dedicated in-game spenders, making them a prime target audience for mobile ad campaigns. That is why gaming companies should provide genuine value or incentives to women gamers. This value can include personalized gaming experiences tailored to their interests, such as diverse storylines and character customization options that resonate with them. Additionally, offering exclusive in-game rewards or bonuses that cater to their preferences and gameplay styles can enhance their gaming experience. Furthermore, fostering a supportive and inclusive gaming community where women feel welcome and respected can also contribute to their engagement and loyalty. By prioritizing genuine value over superficial offerings, gaming companies can attract and retain women gamers effectively. 


E-commerce Queens  

Women reign supreme in the e-commerce realm, influencing more than 70% of all online spending decisions. This makes them the key decision-makers when it comes to purchasing products and services. Marketers have a golden opportunity to reach women with targeted mobile ads at the crucial point of conversion.  


Social Media Savvy  

Women are highly engaged social media users, navigating various platforms and consuming content at impressive rates. Studies show that women make up about 70% of social media users. They actively follow brands and influencers and participate in online conversations. This creates a unique avenue for marketers to leverage the power of social media advertising and connect with a highly engaged female audience. However, it’s essential to recognize that simply turning the logo pink is, of course, not enough to make women feel connected to your brand. To truly resonate with female consumers, brands need to go beyond superficial gestures and prioritize meaningful engagement. Building authentic connections with women involves understanding their values, addressing their needs, and actively involving them in the brand’s community or creating a community where they feel valued and heard. 


The She-conomy: A Force to Be Reckoned With  

The global wealth landscape is shifting. Forget the “bro-conomy”; women control a significant portion of global wealth. According to McKinsey, and Neuberger Berman by 2030, women will control two-thirds of U.S. wealth for the first time in history. This immense buying power makes them an undeniable target audience.  


Fitness on the Go  

Women are increasingly prioritizing their health and well-being. Mobile fitness apps offer a convenient and personalized way to stay active, with options like Peloton, Fitbit Coach, and Nike Training Club providing workout routines that fit their busy schedules. Marketers in the fitness industry can leverage targeted mobile ads to reach this health-conscious demographic, showcasing how their app can help them achieve their fitness goals. Whether it’s tracking activity with Fitbit Coach, accessing personalized training plans with Nike Training Club, or joining virtual workout communities like Peloton, these apps offer solutions tailored to the needs of modern women on the go. 


Finance at Your Fingertips  

Financial empowerment is another area where women’s behavior is changing. Mobile finance apps allow them to track spending, invest their money, and manage their budgets with ease. Women also know how to invest and to do so advertisers should address them with unique creative, not underestimate them. By creating targeted mobile ad campaigns, marketers in the finance sector can connect with women seeking solutions to improve their financial security and achieve their financial goals. The brand can have a campaign that gives real value to women, it can be donating to a charity that provides financial education to young women or underprivileged women. This approach not only demonstrates the brand’s commitment to supporting women’s financial empowerment but also fosters a deeper connection with female consumers who value brands that align with their values. 


Influencer Marketing: The Power of Connection  

When it comes to influencer marketing, female influencers hold immense sway. This translates to higher engagement rates and conversions for brands that partner with female influencers, allowing them to tap into a loyal and engaged female audience.  


At Zoomd, we understand the value of a female user. By incorporating these insights into your mobile acquisition strategy, you can leverage the power of the “She-conomy” and achieve remarkable results.   


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