Zoomd Announces New Portfolio Companies for Q4 2019; On-boards McDonald’s as Part of Broader Business Expansion

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Zoomd enters Q4 2019 announcing several collaborations with large companies on user acquisition projects as part of its continued international expansion efforts.

HERZLIYA, Israel–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Zoomd (TSXV: ZOMD) the leading mobile user-acquisition and site-search platform, is announcing a broader business expansion plans for Q4 2019: Zoomd will be onboarding companies in a variety of industries, including fast-food giant McDonald’s. Other notable names include Ladbrokes, Bet America, Nord VPN, AutoDoc and VuClip. Zoomd will collaborate with these companies on user acquisition projects as part of its continued international expansion efforts. On September 3, 2019, Zoomd went public on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) as part of its international expansion efforts.

Since merging with Moblin in 2017, the company has tripled its revenues, with an evaluation of approximately 70 million USD when it went public. Zoomd is currently working with clients in more than 80 countries, including major worldwide companies such as Stars Group, Shein, bWin (GVC Group), FoxTV, 90Min, Alibaba Group, Wowcher, TikTok, ComScore, and NHN.

Zoomd’s new portfolio promotes the company’s global stance, as it will be working with McDonald’s in Latin America; online gaming companies Ladbrokes and Bet America in Australia and the US respectively; NordVPN, which specializes in global VPN services all over the world; AutoDoc, an ecommerce website dealing with car accessory sales, in the EU; and VuClip, also known as “India’s Netflix”, in Asia and the Middle East.

Zoomd offers one solution to both online publishers looking to extend average session duration and monetize content through internal site searches, and advertisers looking to acquire and expand new and existing users, while increasing engagement and conversions.

Zoomd’s platform unique features include:

  • A capacity to generate over 500,000,000 daily measured events
  • Integration with over 600 digital media sources, and all major mobile analytics tools under one unified dashboard
  • A second layer of anti-fraud solutions
  • A KPI engine that allows companies to set and achieve KPI’s and drive users based on them

“As the fourth quarter of 2019 approaches and brings in new collaborations, we are anticipating continued steady international growth of our company,” says Ofer Eitan, CEO and Co-Founder of Zoomd. “Our work with megabrands like McDonalds and others, brings us optimism that our company will see a bright future ahead.”

About Zoomd:
Zoomd’s business is the monetization of on-site search and distribution of mobile apps. Zoomd publisher’s focuses on leveraging on-site search data to increase online advertising and monetization results. Zoomd Advertiser’s business has a specific focus on mobile apps’ user acquisition. Zoomd has built a key performance indicator-based algorithm that enables intelligent media buying for online advertising that improves the accuracy of consumer targeting. Zoomd provides advertisers the ability to buy media and understand better the needs of their target audience in almost every existing inventory on the globe via a smart media buying platform connected to more than 650 media channels.


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