Zoomd’s SaaS platform to clarify, unify and save precious campaign management time


Manage All Your Premium and Social User Acquisition Campaigns in One Place

Back in the day, we needed a way to simplify our own campaign management for our clients apps, so we built a proprietary, unified and predictive mobile user acquisition platform. Something that will save us time, make us more efficient.  It ended up improving the user acquisition process for both us and our clients. Now, we’re excited to introduce our new SaaS version of our agile platform. The new SaaS model is integrated only with premium media sources.

With this new version, advertisers of all kind can easily manage all their major app UA channels in one dashboard with a clear-cut monthly licensing model (no long term contracts here), making it easier to calculate your ROI with full transparency on media sources and media costs, no fraud, all while saving your precious working time.

Big shoutout to our development team members, who managed to work efficiently and create a product we’re so proud and excited to introduce to you… all while working from home during quarantine, with kids and life in the background. And they even stuck to the schedule we planned prior to COVID-19. Kudos to them!
Yes, we’ve been quite busy in the past year. Just recently, in July, we launched the Performance self serve (hyperlink) version of our platform, allowing indie app developers and small agencies manage pure performance campaigns effortlessly.
And to think it all started because we tried to make our own lives easier. Back in the day, we wanted to have all our media sources in one spot, so we could focus on making our user acquisition campaigns better. We wanted to focus on optimization and stop wasting our time logging in and out of a growing number of media sources, that’s why we ended up building a platform that unifies data from over 600 global mobile user acquisition sources on one screen.

Including the premium ones, like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat and apple search. Plus, a predictive artificial intelligence algorithm with an added fraud detection layer also added to the new SaaS model.
We didn’t just build the platform for us, of course, although we were our first customer. We build our platform from a genuine understanding of how to make our daily tasks easier to do and manage. Thanks to developing the platform, we’ve been privileged to help leading companies like SheIn, Poker Stars, AliExpress, eToro and NordVPN meet ambitious app growth goals and serve them all in a global scale. But we’ve always been the only ones operating the platform and running the campaigns in a self-serve way – until now, anyway.

Here are just a few highlighted features you’ll be able to get with our new SaaS Model.

1. Make Your Life Easier with One Dashboard for all Your Mobile User Acquisition Sources.
You’re not alone in this. The need to simplify our work, so we can do more in less time and hassle while generating better bottom-line results for our apps. In fact, 40% of 70+ marketing professionals who participated in our recent global research said they use 6 or more advertising sources in their campaigns. 60% answered they would like a single, unified dashboard.
Listening to the needs of the industry, and after great teamwork of our product team, now they’ve got it.
Following a thigh road map, we’re launching our brand new SaaS model to our robust UA platform. , it provides a unified dashboard of premium media sources, like Google, Apple, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter and Snap to start with, all in a clear monthly licensing model and zero commitment.
You can manage all your UA campaigns on all your premium, social, google channels – from one place. But thanks to the platform’s predictive artificial intelligence algorithm, it gets better.

2. Automate the way you create your campaigns
We’ve created a fully automated sequence for all campaigns set up, to all for a full distribution across multiple channels from one central place. This is to save time on the tedious setup process on each platform separately. But when you have a create audience targeting across them all, why set up separately? And that is not all, as by setting it up all together, your campaigns management is also being simplified by bulk targeting and reporting. Usually, when you use an advertising channel, you depend on that channel’s targeting, data and reporting capabilities to optimize your app’s campaign. Facebook might let you target look-alike audiences, but other channels won’t, for example. So you get an advantage on Facebook that other parts of your campaigns don’t enjoy.
Maybe you even stick to one channel more than you’d like, instead of diversifying your user acquisition sources, because other channels offer fewer capabilities. Because maybe you don’t have the resources or knowledge
But with our new SaaS that’s about to change. No experience is needed! Because you finally have more control on your app growth. In one easy place.
What you get is more than a dashboard. The SaaS version was built on the Zoomd platform, so it’s powered by a predictive artificial intelligence engine, machine learning algorithms and patent owned natural language processing modules. Therefore, the overall platform regularly turns 500,000,000 daily events into measurable business results.
It’s capable of analyzing data from Facebook, and using it to automatically predict the best converting targeting you need to do on TikTok, just to give you an example. It works on other channels as well. This way, you’re able to empower your work and make smarter decisions, even on channels with fewer capabilities. You no longer have to depend on a single advertising channel for your app.
It’s not just about making advertisers and agencies’ work easier, although it will definitely do that. It’s about making it more impactful, too. And it’s about thinking long term. So we want you to have all the possible data you need.

3. Get Full Transparency Across All Your Campaign
You need clear data to make the best decisions for your app, your audience, your campaigns. Every variable is specifically unique, and the greater access to real numbers you have, the better decisions you can make moving forward.
Therefore, even though you get one management dashboard for all your user acquisition channels, the data you get is fully transparent and segmented. You will know exactly what converted on each channel, how many clicks and installs you got, and what each part of the campaign ended up costing you per each per channel and per creative asset.
In terms of reporting, it’s just like running campaigns the good ole way – except more organized and more efficient, on one dashboard, in a way that makes it much easier to compare campaigns across channels.

4. One Monthly Payment. Fully Clarity. No Hidden Media Costs.
In a world with multiple campaigns, across different media sources handled by a team, or teams of media experts, we’ve decided to make it all simple, and much clearer. With the new SaaS model you will connect your current ad accounts you have on channels like TikTok, Google and Facebook to our SaaS platform, thus continuing to work as usual. Paying the media directly to each of the channels with existing accounts, leaving the platform use with a clear one monthly payment regardless of the media spend.
Advertisers, agencies and app owners, of all sizes, can now to manage their app UA campaigns on their own, in all channels with less effort.. Like all our products, the SaaS model was created to make your life easier. Save time. Therefore, there are no hidden fees in a monthly license model. Your media payment is up to your media plan.
And the best part is being able to cut down on your management fees because we only charge a fixed monthly platform licensing fee for using the platform– not for your media spend. No matter what your monthly media spend is, even in those peak high seasons, the cost remains the same. So, spend away- wisely, without the need or fuss to calculate additional fees.

If You Still Want Our Full Service, We’re Here for You
Whether you’re already a client or have been considering other partnerships with us, the fully managed service model will remain open.
In this type of partnership, designed for larger budgets, we offer growth strategy and execution for all channels, working side by side with your team to help you achieve ambitious app growth goals.
You will only pay for performance because your app’s success is our success. If we don’t meet your KPIs, you don’t pay.

Ready to Zoom into your app growth with the new SaaS model?
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