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By Ifa Reist, Director of Products at Zoomd  

Today’s digital advertising landscape is more exciting and complex than ever before. Zoomd was founded by campaign managers for campaign managers, and as the industry evolves, so does our company and our offerings.

We’ve gathered the best campaign managers, data scientists and data engineers to bring advertisers of different scales the best AI-based Martech, which we work to improve every single day, to make sure you can realize any campaign dream you have.

Here are a few insights on the solutions we have developed so far to allow marketers to scale and grow: Improve Creative Performance by Optimizing KPIs with AI and Machine Learning

Albert is an AI platform that plugs into your paid accounts to improve your results. It processes more data than us humans can ever process, finds profitable solutions we never would have thought of on our own, and keeps control in our hands.

It’s like hiring a team member and leaving the rest of your advertisers to focus on more strategic, long term, business-driving activities.

Automatically Plan *and* Execute Campaigns

Usually, there are two options for campaign management tools:

=> They either recommend actions, and leave you to do the testing on your own, or

=> They run the tests themselves but leave you to do everything else.

Albert does both automatically.

First, it builds your ads campaign based on your strategy, feedback, creatives specs and KPIs.

=> Then, it creates a massive number of creative units, ads, mix of everything that works. It stops those creative that have stopped converting doesn’t work and keeps going with what delivers the best results for your campaign.

Among others, it tests…

=> Creative assets

=> Current and potential audiences

=> Budget allocation

Let’s dig deeper into the first one – your creative assets.

Mix, Match and Test Countless Creative Combinations

When you work with Albert, a machine learning-powered platform, you can upload as many creative assets as you want. Albert utilizes machine learning algorithms to mix and match countless combinations of copy, visuals, and colors. It then tests these combinations across a wide variety of audiences, including audiences you may not have previously considered, in order to discover the ideal combination for each target audience.

While Albert doesn’t write or design the materials itself, it has the capability to test a wider and deeper range of multiple creative sets, creating new campaign ad sets and creative units in a fraction of the time it would take humans to do manually. With its scale and autonomous work, Albert consistently delivers improved conversions, providing better results time and again.

Safeguard Your Brand

Despite Albert’s impressive capabilities, we’re not into “set it and forget it.” We back our AI up with an account manager and a campaign manager that knows the brand’s limitations, dos and don’ts – two extra humans for your team – to prevent unwanted scenarios and verify everything is going the way you dreamed.

A campaign manager plays a crucial role in marketing initiatives. They are responsible for planning, executing, and managing the overall strategy of a campaign. From setting campaign goals and objectives to developing messaging and overseeing all aspects of the campaign’s operations. They closely monitor the progress, analyze data, and adjust to optimize campaign performance. On the other hand, an account manager serves as a key liaison between a company and its clients. They are responsible for building and maintaining strong client relationships, understanding client needs and goals, and ensuring the delivery of exceptional services or products. They also collaborate internally, coordinating with various teams to ensure client satisfaction and driving business growth.

By having the collaboration of human and machine, we ensure not only brand safety, but also that you’re still the driver of this exciting new journey. You know your brand best, and you’re the one who stays in control.


Skipper: Make Mobile user acquisition a Smooth & Profitable Sailing

Skipper gives advertisers 360-degree visibility of 16 common channels and more than 20 data and media management tools… on one centralized, intuitive dashboard.

With Skipper advertisers can:

=> Set up each media channel – See all campaigns running across multiple channels in one place

=> Automate campaign decisions (including bids, campaign operations and cross-channel budget allocation) based on your rules.

Automate campaign decisions, including bids, campaign operations, and cross-channel budget allocation, by leveraging advanced machine learning techniques. With the help of machine learning algorithms, you can establish rules that guide the decision-making process for budget allocation across various channels. => Decide on campaign management rules.

=> Get actionable reports for each channel and campaign.

Centralize Channels on One Dashboard and Easily Optimize Campaigns

Skipper makes it easy to sail the ever-changing seas of mobile user acquisition campaign management.

First, it centralizes reports from the most common channels on one simple dashboard.

=> Skip the constant learning and re-learning of the different channel dashboards. In one intuitive dashboard you can control almost all of your needs from several channels at once.

=> Store all your creative assets under one roof, to easily distribute it anywhere you need.

=> Get actionable reports on how your campaigns are doing, and what you can do to improve for example, which creative works best, which channels your campaigns run best on etc.

Then, it lets you optimize ads right from your reports. No need to log in and out of channels, or even click back and forward in Skipper itself. If you manage a bunch of campaigns, you know it sounds like no big deal, but always ends up eating up the time you could have spent acquiring more app members.

Therefore, click a few buttons inside the reports, and you’ll be able to optimize your…

=> Campaign bids

=> Cross channel budgets

=> Creative assets

=> Campaign activation

But it gets better because Skipper can actually sail some of your campaign for you.

Automate Campaign Decisions and Budget Allocation

Your job is to tell Skipper what campaign results will make you happy, and what to do if your ship isn’t navigating in the ideal direction. Then, Skipper can automatically…

=> Analyze campaign results for you.

=> Adjust the campaigns for you (based on your pre-set rules). This includes budget changes on keywords, campaigns and ad groups. It also includes turning off ads, ad groups and even entire campaigns when they really miss the mark. No need to waste your budget, when you can change directions to better user acquisition views.

=> Reallocate budgets from underperforming channels to the most relevant, efficient channels, based on the rules you set.

This way, you can get the most of each campaign.


DSP: Self Served or Fully Managed, Reach a (Safe) Global Scale that Outperforms Your ROAS Goals

Get your ads shown on global, highly vetted, safe ad exchanges to maximize RTB-based scale and performance. Manage it on your own (start within minutes) or let us do it for you – you get full transparency, control and results your c-suite will love either way.

Get Measurable Results

In advertising, you’ve got to be able to measure your progress and report exactly how you’re doing. Here’s how Zoomd’s DSP helps you maximize ROAS:

=> Decide on the KPIs you’d like to reach.

=> Set up A/B tests within minutes to discover which creative assets perform best.

=> Maximize results with data-driven algorithms.

The best part – there are no hidden fees.

Ensure Brand Safety

Acquiring users is great, but you’ve got to do it without long term ramifications. Our DSP gives you access to dedicated top mobile exchanges from across the world, but specifically, exchanges that…

=> We highly vetted for brand and deliverability safety.

=> Actually, serve each of your impressions, and let you track it.

=> Provide you with data-driven reports and guidelines based on your performance.

Keep Control In-House

As mentioned above, we can take campaign management off your hands, but also provide a self-serve option. Either way, you get to:

=> Integrate your other tracking platforms, including your MMP and CRM.

=> Build custom audiences based on your existing data, and optimize as you go.


Empower Your Campaigns with AI to Zoom into Your Growth Goals

Zoomd turns hundreds of thousands of

daily events into measurable business results. We combine this massive amount of data, cutting-edge technology and the most talented humans across the world into one smart ecosystem that helps advertisers from global brands, with ambitious growth goals, become the leaders their companies have sought.

If you’re ready to zoom into growth, too, get in touch and we’ll customize the best solution for your specific growth path.

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Every brand in the world knows they need a mobile strategy, as consumers increasingly turn to mobile to help them with every aspect of their daily lives. And with virtually all the time consumers spend on their phones spent in-app, app marketing is a vital piece of the picture. Especially when you consider there are around 3 million apps available on Google Play, and another 2 million in the Apple App Store, competing for people’s attention.

Deciding how to market an app can be a daunting process. There are so many apps with different marketing strategies, all experiencing varying levels of success. Competition is fierce, as you probably already know, and over 68% of mobile app companies have a long-term, fully documented app marketing strategy.

At the Mobile & App Marketing Webinar, on September 2, 2020 | 9:00am – 11:00am (UK time) we’re going to address the era of privacy.  With existing and new regulations regarding personal data, what are marketers to do and how should we all prepare for these new limitations in order to succeed.

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