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The online advertising space is a near-constant state of flux. Trends and technologies that govern the way advertisements are delivered, tracked and measured come and go according to fast-changing government regulations and the whims of the big, corporate ecosystem players like Amazon, Apple and Google. 

One such technological trend is the Demand Side Platform (DSP). These fully automated platforms connect between advertisers and publishers, leveraging algorithm-driven programmatic advertising to streamline the process of buying and selling ads via real-time bidding (RTB)

DSPs take the pain out of digital advertising by automating the ad-buying decision-making process. DSPs leverage complex algorithms to calculate the bid amount for an impression at the precise time it becomes available on a publisher’s site. With DSPs, even small operations can launch high-impact digital ad campaigns across different geos and platforms (mobile, display, search and video) at scale.   

Programmatic Fraud and DSPs

While there’s no arguing with the fact that DSPs simplify the work of digital advertisers, recent years have seen their popularity fall because of concerns regarding fraud and brand safety. Allegations of non-human traffic (bots) to boost impressions, impression laundering and domain masking coupled with a total lack of transparency into advertising metrics caused many advertisers to lose trust in the smaller DSPs. Brand safety is also a cause for concern with more and more reported instances of ads being displayed on extremist websites, and other websites that brands don’t want to associate with.

Finally, Safe, Transparent and Cost-effective DSP from Zoomd

With so much fraud and brand safety concerns revolving around DSPs, it was obvious that our clients deserved more. That’s why we made the development of a truly transparent, cost-effective DSP a priority. Zoomd is proud to launch our very own, in-house DSP that delivers full transparency and ensures brand safety for our clients. 

Leveraging a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and the advertising market, Zoomd DSP delivers transparency on both the media source and the media cost. Our self-service platforms gives advertisers the ability to easily manage their own UA campaigns, at scale while delivering industry-leading ROAS and full transparency into tracking metrics. With Zoomd DSP, advertisers can rest assured that their ads are viewed by their targeted audiences and that they’re displayed on reputable, brand-safe publisher websites.

Next Generation Mobile DSP – DSP for Mobile Acquisition

Zoomd DSP eliminates fraud and optimizes performance with value-driven, CPI/CPA-optimized campaigns that ensure maximum ROAS, with no hidden fees or surprise endings. Leverage data-driven media buying to launch KPI-focused campaigns targeting custom audiences based on your existing user data. 

  • Full transparencyZoomd DSP eliminates fraud and prioritizes brand safety with full transparency into media sources and media costs. Advertisers benefit from detailed tracking reports via a centralized interface that connects them with multiple, highly vetted, safelisted ad exchanges. 
  • Complete controlOur self-service platform offers advertisers total control over their UA campaigns by enabling them to easily and simply manage their advertising efforts by themselves.
  • High performance Quickly and easily set up A/B tests that identify your top-performing creatives, without adding significant costs to your budget so that you launch user acquisition campaigns targeting top-performing lookalike audiences in any geo you choose. 
  • Anywhere, anytimeZoomd DSP connects to leading ad exchanges capable of reaching every impression in the world. Define your geo-targeting parameters and watch the downloads come in from every corner of the globe.

Parting Shots
Zoomd DSP offers advertisers a safe, transparent programmatic platform that delivers maximum performance without having to worry about fraud or brand safety. Advertisers unlock greater value and benefit from more control with a fully automated, self-service platform that delivers a robust arsenal of advanced advertising tools. Leverage A/B testing, custom audiences, global reach and safelisted ad exchanges to finally achieve your full reach and potential.

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