6 SaaS-Selling Tips for the Holiday Season


By Dani Rovin, Business Development Manager

The holiday season is a difficult one for any sales or business development manager, but you can overcome it with the right strategies and some creativity. Even though many of your leads are likely to be on holiday vacations at this time, app usage skyrockets during this busy season. This jump in app usage means it’s not about sending more emails and contacting all of your past leads but rather about finding new and creative ways to reach the most relevant prospects.

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Finding new and creative ways to reach the most relevant prospects for your app during the busiest shopping season.

To help you have successful reach outs over the holiday season, we’ve built a list of SaaS selling tips to help inspire you:

1. Prepare for the holiday season in advance

The holiday season doesn’t always start with the actual holidays. Many prospective leads start preparing for their Christmas purchases early in the year so plan ahead and make contact early enough they haven’t already made their decisions.

2. Don’t be too pushy in your outreach

The last thing your prospects want is to be inundated with emails and messages from you during the holidays. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t reach out at all, you just need to be creative with how you do it. Many leads are both considering and willing to buy at this time, so it’s crucial to hit the right person with the right messaging without unintentionally pestering them away.

3. Target your efforts on the right vertical

Get better results by focusing on the right targets. Some verticals can still prove very fruitful during this time. For example, e-commerce is a great vertical to target during this time as consumers spend an increasing amount of time on e-commerce apps year after year. According to Adjust, in November 2021, global installs and sessions of shopping apps jumped 24% compared to the rest of the year, which leaves you with many opportunities to make contact.

4. Use special Christmas-themed sales and promotions

Spread the cheer around by offering deals themed for the holidays. This could be in the festive form of promotions that take on holiday themes to attract new customers, or you could encourage current customers to play Santa by gifting your product to someone for a discounted price. The holiday season is full of creative inspiration, so find exciting ways to make your customers’ seasons bright.

5. Find time to thank your current customers

Don’t leave your current customers out in the cold! This is a great time to reach out to your current clients to focus on promoting upsells and cross-sells. If you’re offering great deals for new customers, make sure you’re taking care of your current customers as well, so they don’t feel left out of the deals. The holidays are about letting your loved ones know you care about them, and if you bring that sentiment to your clients, you’ll be more likely to spend many more holidays with them as you increase brand loyalty.

6. Don’t slow down during the holiday post-season

Nothing is over until the ball drops! Your leads will return from their holiday vacations feeling fresh and ready to explore their options. This makes for a perfect time to reach out and make them an offer so they’ll want to start the new year with you.

The Holidays Don’t Have to Be Hard

The holidays can be a struggle for every SaaS Sales Manager, but they don’t have to be. Instead of seeing them as slow and full of difficulties, see them as an opportunity to be creative in the ways you bring in new clients and an opportunity to build your relationships with existing customers. The holidays can be chaotic, but by planning ahead and following these tips, you will not only survive but thrive during this busy season. Your success will help to avoid any post-holiday slowdowns and allow you to enter the new year on a high and ready to take on new goals. 

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