Smart reporting center, benefiting the way you work and optimize your user acquisition campaigns

Zoomd’s Saas reporting center is all about providing you with a clear-cut view of your performance data, allowing you to understand actionable insights based on your UA campaigns data.

The new algorithm was built to make your life easier. Showing exactly which elements of your creatives deliver or hurt the performance of your ads and campaigns, and for which app.

Socials networks

Zoomd’s Saas cohort reporting in a dedicated new reporting page. It allows advertisers to analyze the ads behaviors of groups ads, groups of users per social channel, or all together at once. As time progresses, and data accumulates, advertisers gain a more thorough picture of the overall performance behavior of the campaign.

Performance made simple

See the full picture, combining all performance data across all social channels together. Or otherwise Zoom in on what matters, by comparing the performance between different channels.

Deeper understanding

Track your acquisition performance and see which sources are driving the highest quality by ROAS or other metrics that drives your business. Get a deeper understanding, as you need, per each channel, source, campaign, ad group, creative spec or even per placement within the channel.


With so much data across different channels, about multiple creatives, ad units and audiences, get a clear-cut visualization of your data and zoom in on what matters, by comparing the performance between different channels.

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