Increase Engagement with your On-Site Search

Increase Engagement with your
On-Site Search

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Zoomd provides a new On-Site Search platform that increases discovery and engagement for all websites

Enhanced User Experience

More Page Views

Smart Search Functionality

Grow Monetization

New Real Estate Unleashed

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How it works

Zoomd's On-Site Search predicts the user's next intent when searching on your website. The user receives a rich search experience that creates better engagement and generates more clicks. The Search preview pane displays the predicted results and unleashes new real-estate that can be utilized for any action.

The Platform

Zoomd's seamless cloud-based proprietary platform indexes the entire website in minutes and enables a simple deployment. The Search preview pane automatically presents matched content within the website, offering smart discovery and relevant ads. The Zoomd platform encourages the user to consume more website content while on any device.


Users enjoy intuitive content exploration that translates to higher KPIs


The Zoomd platform displays highly efficient and contextually relevant ads


Contextually relevant ads


Efficient campaings


Video pre-rolls


Content visibility


The Zoomd platform allows advertisers access to premier publisher websites through their On-Site Search. Advertisers can access premium users by running online campaigns across desktop, mobile and tablet web audiences. Zoomd’s advertisers gain access to inventory reaching millions of users that consist of our targeted, intent-driven wide audience.
We connect your brand with many people who are engaged and ready to take action. We would be glad to assist in getting your message in front of our targeted audience.

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