Content Publishers

Zoomd for publishers offers a complete on-site search platform for your sites and apps. Provide your audience with relevant search results while benefiting from Zoomd’s contextual ads.

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Advertisers & Agencies

Zoomd for advertisers offers mobile user acquisition and retention for your apps. Save time and resources by using Zoomd unified dashboard for advertisers to manage all your acquisition and retention tasks.

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Monetize – For Publishers

Accelerate Your Content Monetization

Audiences who search on site are twice as likely to convert. Don’t leave money on the table by missing a prime opportunity to monetize your content. Give your audience exactly what they’re searching for and earn more from Zoomd’s advertisers.

Make the most of your site search traffic with contextual free rev-share monetization opportunities and offers. Drive more engagement, increase time spent on site, and generate more value to your site by perfectly presenting the right content on any screen.

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Promote Your Content

Choose the content you want to promote from your site within your on-site search results.

Monetize Your Content

Generate more revenue from your on-site search ads and your advertising partners. Use our flexible tools and hassle-free plugin.

Customize Your Content

Zoomd is a fully customizable and flexible platform giving you full control throughout the user journey from search to results and everything in between. Decide what's important for your audience and make look it perfect.

Advertise – For Brands

Supercharge Your App Installs And Users

Zoomd’s self-serve mobile app distribution platform allows brands and advertisers to increase user acquisition and app usage. Leverage our global media publishers, data and media channels to increase your apps’ advertising reach. Whether you’re an app developer who needs to bring in new users, or an ad agency handling dozens of accounts – our unified platform delivers the results you’re looking for with full transparency.

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Constantly Optimizing

Our platform learns what works best and then continues to improve. Create campaigns using your set KPI’s and let Zoomd work its magic, so you can focus on other important things.

Grows With You

Zoomd is simple enough to get you started in minutes, yet powerful enough to grow with your business. Whether you’re a publishing house, independent app developer, digital media house, or a multinational agency, Zoomd is the last mobile ad platform you’ll ever need.

Expands Your Reach

Our reach is massive. We work with the biggest media sources, all integrated and connected to our unified platform including networks, direct publishers, exchanges, pre-install operations and more, ready to give you the best coverage for your campaigns.

Our Technology Platform Powers Thousands of Leading Websites and Advertisers

It’s been proven that searchers buy up to 5 times more. That’s where Zoomd comes in. Zoomd is the only technology solution that offers unified search and mobile app user acquisition under one platform. With Zoomd, you are empowered with insightful actionable data, relevant content and advanced technologies to deliver engaging advertising campaigns that drive the results you need.

Whether you are an advertiser, publisher or ad agency, Zoomd enables you to reach a targeted audience, on any device.

Zoomd delivers the definitive platform for increasing content monetization and targeted promotional campaigns. Our On-Site Search predicts user intent when searching our publisher’s media sites.

Who We Are?

We are passionate about creating solutions that ensure your company’s growth.

Our team is comprised of some of the best, brightest and most passionate people in the search and mobile industry. Although from varied backgrounds, our team shares the same vision and goals. Our team possesses a passion for creating a solution that they needed as marketers and a dedication to ensuring the company’s growth. We’re also lovers of tech and geeks at heart.

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