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Meet Zoomd's self- serve user acquisition platform, the smartest and most effective platform for managing all social UA campaigns for your mobile apps.
All your UA campaigns, across the biggest social channels, on one fully automated platform.
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What’s our SaaS platform about?

Determine the effectiveness of your user acquisition campaigns with full clarity across all channels, campaigns, ads, keywords and creative assets.
Save precious time and resources on all social campaigns with one smart, intuitive, cross-channel campaign management software.

Created by campaign managers for campaign managers.

Know more down to the finest detail

  • A keep it simple approach by aggregating all your user acquisition data into one dashboard. A comprehensive dashboard that provides you with the necessary information. Revealing hidden metrics and directs you towards revenue-driving decision making.
  • Easily create, track, automate and optimize multiple campaigns, simultaneously, from one centralized dashboard

Data aggregation & industry insights

Market Analysis

Get in-depth information about keywords and a comprehensive competitors report.
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Data Aggregation

Fully customizable reporting center for all you user acquisitions campaigns and actions
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Do more, automatically

  • Let Zoomd's SaaS advanced algorithm automate the work for you with our rule-based engine. Allowing campaign managers to define a wide range of rules across multiple media channels and campaigns.
  • With the power of AI and ML let the technology work for you and save you time focusing on what’s important.

Welcome to a new era of automated campaign management.

Create easy campaign setup – save time

  • Save precious time on your campaign setup. Work smarter not harder.
  • With Zoomd advanced campaign wizard, all campaign managers are now able to create a single campaign on multiple channels in a matter of clicks.

best creative indicator

Measure and refine your creatives

We all know that the right creative can achieve so much, and that’s why we added it right into your main dashboard. Get full performance insight for each of your top ad formats from all your live campaigns across all channels

  • Creative per audience - know which creative works best for your saved groups and audiences, on all media channels. Know more about what they’re into.
  • No more creative fatigue - We’ll let you know once it’s time to refresh your app's creatives specs, and to which audience.

Keep track of your business goals

  • We know what is the main drive for everything, and those are business goals and KPI’s. Let Zoomd automated KPI indicator lead your way into success, with a simple notification and indicator graph, visible from your personalized dashboard.
  • For each campaign you may choose your KPI such CTR, CPI, ROAS% or many more by any defined timeframe. The advance KPI indicator will show your campaign progress in real-time across all channels! Keeping you up-to-date all the time

Maximum flexibility with more data

  • Get the full picture streamlined into your dashboard across all social channels and Appsflyer SKAdNewtwork.
  • Choose the data your want to see in real-time and make the right decisions.

SaaS integrations

User interactions can happen everywhere. Maximize every touchpoint with the broadest reach and gain the power to engage across all critical social channels.

Zoomd self-serve platform is fully integrated with:

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Your trusted partner for user acquisition

Campaign Management

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Creatives services

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