Zoomd’s new SaaS Model

The newest, smartest way to manage your user acquisition campaigns
All your campaigns, all the hottest premium sources, on one platform.
How can Zoomd SaaS work for you?

Time Saving

  • Save precious campaign management time, instead of setting up multiple campaigns on different source separately
  • Easily optimize multiple campaigns, simultaneously, from one centralized dashboard
  • Have a clear bird's eye view of all your user acquisition campaigns in one place

Get Full Transparency

Media costs

Get 100% transparency on your total media cost, know exactly how much each user and each event cost you, per the media source.

Media sources

Get 100% transparency for all media sources on one screen, so you know where all your users are coming from.

All Your Media Sources, In One Place

  • Manage all your user acquisition campaigns in one dashboard, across all premium sources, with amazing clarity
  • Connect your current Facebook, Instagram, Google, Snapchat, Twitter, Apple Seach and TikTok ad accounts on one platform.
  • Reduce fraud while running on premium and social media channels

Enrich Your Campaigns With Big Data

  • Big data enrichment using Zoomd’s unique search technology (for website publishers).
  • Generating more than 500 million daily data points from over 200 million devices in over 70 countries.

Massive Optimization With Zoomd’s SaaS Technology

  • Maximize your data from multiple media sources on one platform
  • Optimize performance better with consolidated big data (over 500 million events a day!) driving our machine’s decisions marking process
  • Get the full picture - easy ROI calculation with transparent media costs

A Business Model That Works For You

  • Pay one flat license fee, once a month, with no relation to your media spend, no matter how big or small your budget is.
  • So no more paying commission on your media budget, no more surprises, no more hidden fees!
  • Spend more budget on ad spend and not on various logistics needs

And you only need one campaign manager for all your sources. So use all that new saved management fees into actionable media actions.

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