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Zoomd launches its Intelligent Self-Serve SaaS Campaign Management Platform

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Zoomd on Yahoo Finance

In the Media- Zoomd Technologies, the most aggressive AdTech player globally

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2020 년 사용자 획득 현황 보고서

Zoomd expands into South KoreaZoomd expands into South Korea
South Korea

Site Search and User-acquisition Platform Zoomd Expands Into South Korea, Asia’s Leader in Smartphone Adoption

Zoomd announces the opening of an office in South Korea to help Asian companies grow within Eastern Asia and reach

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Zoomd to onboarding new UA clientsZoomd to onboarding new UA clients
AutoDocclientsComScoreecommerceLadbrokesMcDonald’sNord VPNSheinStars Group

Zoomd Announces New Portfolio Companies for Q4 2019; On-boards McDonald’s as Part of Broader Business Expansion

Zoomd enters Q4 2019 announcing several collaborations with large companies on user acquisition projects as part of its continued international

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Zoomd opening trading on TSXV

Zoomd Goes Public on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSXv), Continuing Its International Expansion

With top tier clientele including Alibaba Group, FoxNews and many others, the MarTech company raises CA $9.27 million of CA

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