Incrementa tus ventas sin incrementar el tráfico

La solución de búsqueda Zoomd, apta para la visualización en dispositivos móviles y de escritorio, permite a los editores agregar nuevos bloques de anuncios y enviar contenido relevante a los usuarios, lo que aumenta en general el tiempo en el sitio y las visitas a la página.

Monetice su contenido de búsqueda y mantenga una experiencia de usuario positiva con nuestras ofertas de anuncios integradas.

Ofrecemos los formatos de anuncios con el mejor rendimiento para que coincidan con las últimas tendencias tecnológicas y de la industria, de modo que obtendrá el mejor eCPM y los usuarios de su sitio web obtendrán la mejor experiencia sin demasiadas interferencias. La interfaz de usuario de sus usuarios también es importante para nosotros.

Monetiza la búsqueda en el sitio con anuncios visualmente atractivos

Mantener a los usuarios en el sitio por más tiempo permite incrementar ingresos potenciales. Aumenta tus posibilidades al monetizar las búsquedas en el sitio. Determina los mejores anuncios que brindan resultados. Controla el resultado final al proporcionar una nueva y atractiva experiencia de búsqueda.

Formatos disponibles para aumentar sus ingresos:
  • In-search display banners
  • In-search video ads
  • In-search native ads
  • On-site top searches
  • On-site top videos
  • Video ads
  • 404 ads
  • Header bidding

Aprobado por Publishers de distintas industrias, ¿tu sitio
será el siguiente en acercarse al crecimiento?

"Conoce cómo líderes mundiales de la industria lograron resultados, causando impacto en sus negocios con nuestro apoyo."  

Daniel Kashti
Daniel Kashti
Operating Principle at Third Eye Capital & Group CEO, Tangelo Games Corp Ex: Poker Stars, Kama Games
My relationship with Zoomd goes along way, choosing to partner up with the team for multiple projects. They won my confidence with excellent human service and outstanding technology, always meeting the targets but also achieving beyond.
JD Ghai
JD Ghai
Founder & CEO |
The Zoomd team consists of thorough professionals who are already eager to contribute to our growth. They are available to us 24/7 always willing to help and take off some of our workloads.
Anastasiia Reshetniak
Anastasiia Reshetniak
Mobile Traffic Manager | Autodoc GmbH
Zoomd are high-level professionals. Our partnership never stands still, it is an exciting and dynamic collaboration. The team always finds new solutions for us, which allows us to improve the overall profit.
Geovanni Montoya
Geovanni Montoya
Media Planner en Contversion to Sura
Starting to work with the Zoomd team has been very easy since they provided us with all the necessary material to be able to integrate platforms quickly. Their concern for results is real as they seek to have 100% knowledge of the KPIs and behavior of our audience. They are a good partner for my campaign.
Pavel Makarov
Pavel Makarov
Affiliate marketing specialist | Dostavista Global
We have collaborated with Zoomd over several GEOs and on every one of them, they've delivered steady flow of quality fraud-free traffic. It's easy working with an affiliate, you don't need to second guess. Also, Zoomd is always there with new initiatives and sources and always ready to share their expertise in digital even if it's currently not related to running campaigns, it's a valuable extra mile.
Dante Francis M. Ang II
Dante Francis M. Ang II
President & CEO | The Manila Times
We are happy to collaborate with Zoomd and implement their Search Engine in our website as we’re always eager to improve our user experience by giving our readers advanced tools. Those who use the search are easily finding relevant articles they’re interested in and are spending more time reading them.
Ole Ben Evers
Ole Ben Evers
VP Business Development | IDG Tech Media GmbH
We are glad to choose the Zoomd onsite search solution to improve our overall user experience and time on site. With millions of unique visitors visiting our wide portfolio websites, we understand the need to add more value to our users without harming their experience. With Zoomd, we know more about our user’s preferences and intent while creating more relevant content for them. All based on the new data the search provided us with.
Ivy Cheng
Ivy Cheng
Senior Manager, Acquisition Marketing at Jackpocket
You can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed. The partnership between Jackpocket and Zoomd has yielded amazing results and returns. We will work hands in hands to flourish and grow Jackpocket users' and revenue in the long run.

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