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Powers Thousands of Leading Websites and Advertisers

It’s been proven that searchers buy up to 5 times more. That’s where Zoomd comes in.

Zoomd is the only technology solution that offers unified search and mobile app user acquisition under one platform. With Zoomd, you are empowered with insightful actionable data, relevant content and advanced technologies to deliver engaging advertising campaigns that drive the results you need.

Zoomd delivers the definitive platform for increasing content monetization and targeted promotional campaigns. Our On-Site Search predicts user intent when searching our publisher’s media sites. Publishers benefit from vast and flexible monetization options, while readers benefit from a rich search experience that creates higher engagement rates and generates more time spent on site.

Zoomd’s seamless cloud-based proprietary platform indexes your entire website in minutes, all with a single line of code.

Whether you are an advertiser, publisher or ad agency, Zoomd enables you to reach a targeted audience, on any device.

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